Sr Stephanie guitar

Marie Rivier had a dream: “let us get together and teach school”.  As young women gathered around her, her dream took shape: schools were opened, children came, and the mission to make Jesus Christ known and loved was fulfilled.

Now, 200 years later we, the Sisters of the Presentation, still carry that mission and strive to fulfill her dream by teaching the young people in our schools.  Since 1903, with the arrival of the Sisters in Duck Lake, Saskatchewan, numerous sisters have ministered in the schools and have enriched the education of our province. (Read more about our history of educaiton in Western Canada). 

Our schools are institutions of education where excellence reigns in academic, social, and cultural domains.  The spiritual formation of the students is our priority and the students are taught to value respect of self and others as well as their mental, moral, and physical well-being.   The Sisters teaching in the schools are filled with the same zeal that filled Marie Rivier and cannot help but radiate by their whole being God’s love and light and transmit to their students how loved and precious they are in God’s sight.